HR, Timekeeping and Payroll Software

We don't automate payroll, we automate every step along the way so that your employees are paid correctly and your payroll team are set up for success.

HR, Timekeeping and Payroll Software

It has it all

Time and Attendance Tracking

Online, GPS enabled time tracking with data feeds from your existing biometric system.

Secure cloud servers

Dedicated servers per client using best-in-class security methods

Payroll Audit

Built-in payroll audits that proactively identify potential timecard fraud or honest mistakes before the leave your bank account.

Employee self-service

Save your users the pain of watching your page lag as it loads with an awesome page loading animation.

Full HR Management System

When we say no limitations we mean it. Build your own pages with the awesome Unyson page builder plugin.

One-click final pay

Get final pays released with minimal fuss and don't miss out on any pending deductions.